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About Us

Here at Callan’s Artistic Taxidermy we pride ourselves with having some of the most natural and artistic wildlife art possible.

We spend as much time and effort into animal research and reference study as we do finishing pieces. We believe in the importance of anatomy research as part of the taxidermy process and we believe that it clearly shows in your final product. Taxidermy is truly a form of modern art and our studio makes every effort to bring the two together in every project whether large or small. You can rest assured that here at Callan’s Artistic Taxidermy your hard earned trophy will receive the highest quality craftsmanship and attention to detail around. After spending hundreds and even thousands of your hard earned dollars on a trip and taking that once in a lifetime trophy, why settle for sub par Taxidermy work that will represent all your memories and hard work? Choosing Callan’s Artistic Taxidermy is not only a wise decision, but it’s one that you won’t regret every time you relive that hunt of a lifetime.

Let Callan’s Artistic Taxidermy put a smile on your face every time you look at your hard earned trophy.

Daniel Callan is a full time Canadian award winning taxidermist with over thirty six years experience in the taxidermy field. Daniel is married with one son. He has a passion for wildlife which is brought out in his work.

Daniel spent 20 yrs working in a paper mill in Cornwall Ontario. After the closure of the mill in 2006, he went to St Lawrence College and entered the SEA program (Self Employed Assistance Program) in the fall of 2006. With his new found knowledge Daniel found the courage to enter a new stage in his life. There Callan’s Artistic Taxidermy was born

Daniel specializes in Game heads and lifesize mounts. Callan’s Artistic Taxidermy is your one stop shop for all your taxidermy needs. No job is too big or too small. His goal is to see that you leave with a smile and years of lasting memories.